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What would a fantasy world jammed with monsters, dungeons, NPCs and lots of gold (everybody loves gold!) be without heroes? Now it's your turn to explore the wonderful but at times cruel world of Shakes & Fidget. Choose your class, choose your destiny and start your legacy!

Registration Screen.jpg

The registration screen shows a selection of hero Classes: a Warrior, Mage, Scout, Assassin, Battle Mage and Berserker, each with strengths and weaknesses. Click a Class to display them!

Here's an overview:

Warrior a heavily-armored tank with one weapon, usually a sword or an axe. Shield: 25% chance to block. Armor: 50% Damage Reduction.
Mage a damage dealer with a magic wand. Armor: 10% Damage Reduction. A Mage's attacks cannot be evaded or blocked.
Scout a swift hunter. Reflexes: 50% chance to evade. Armor: 25% Damage Reduction.
Assassin a sneaky Class with two Warrior weapons. Strikes twice. Reflexes: 50% chance to evade. Armor: 25% Damage Reduction. Repels Fireballs.
Battle Mage an armored Mage with a Warrior weapon. Fireball attack before the actual fight, Opponent loses up to 33% of Hit Points. Magic shield: 40% Damage Reduction. Armor: 10% Damage Reduction. Repels Fireballs.
Berserker wears Warrior equipment but does not have a shield. Rage skill: gets an immediate additional attack with a 50% chance each. Armor: 25% Damage Reduction. Prone to Mages, suffering +100% more damage from them.

Please note that some of the chances are the maxed out ones. You start with less.

Pick your Class and click the continue button!

En Registration 2.jpg

1: Now select your Race. Just like the Class every Race has its strengths and weaknesses too. These starting bonuses are not that important so rather pick what looks or fantasy lore you like best.

2: Select your gender. Next, either click the die icon to use random looks or click the pencil to customize how your alter ego should look like. Enter the name of your hero or click the die to use a random name. Hint: you can change your looks later on so it does not have to be perfect.

3: Select your world/server.

Account Management

En Accountmanagement.jpg

1: Your list of heroes. Play as many as you would like but please note that each of them must be on a different server.

2: Click this button to create a new hero.

3: Import existing heroes and add them to Account Management.

4: Here you can change the order your heroes are displayed and delete heroes from Account Management or from the entire game. Warning: cannot be undone!

5: Wanna play a Character without storing login data? A friend wants to log in on your device? Click "Log in as guest".

How to save your Character and validate your account

When creating a new hero you play right away without having to enter an email address and password. Only at level 10 will you be prompted to validate your account. This should make the start of the game easier for new players.

En Registration 3.jpg

Both in Account Management and the game a red exclamation mark next to your hero reminds you you haven't secured your account yet. If you would like to validate your account earlier or do something that requires a validated account (for example buying Mushrooms), click the bottom-left gear icon/Game Options or the red exclamation mark next to your Avatar, enter your email address and a password (or use Facebook) and select “Save character”.

Important note: if you created your account on other platforms (Steam, Android, iOS) your account is restricted to playing there. If you would like to play the browser version or on another device you need to set an email address first: