Legendary Dungeon "Diabolical Company Party"

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The gate to the Legendary Dungeon opens four times every year. A level of 50+ is required to enter and no quest or city guard must be active. Fight monsters, collect gold and loot items in a total of 100 rooms. Beat a mini boss after every 25 rooms and gain a Legendary Item for defeating the final boss in room 100!


You control your character by pointing and clicking your mouse, using the arrow keys of your keyboard (both in the browser and Steam versions) or swiping left or right (mobile apps).

LD User interface.jpg

1: Dungeon overview
2: Go left...
3: ...or go right...the choice is yours!
4: Room counter and your Gems of Fate
5: Your hit points. The dungeon scales with your level, attributes and gear.
6: Blessings (up to 3)
7: Curses (up to 3)
8: Your keys. Keys are needed to open locked doors.


To get to the final boss, you must defeat a mini boss at the end of each dungeon floor first. Each time you can choose one of 3 Gems of Fate as a reward. Gems of Fate possess the power to alter your dungeon. Their powers are broken by defeating the final boss. You can choose new Gems of Fate on every subsequent dungeon run.


LD Key shop.jpg

You can buy blessings in this kind of shops.


LD Legendary gems.jpg

A Legendary Gem! The more Legendary Items you have, the higher the chance of a Legendary Gem in the gem mine of the fortress.


If you die, your journey in the dungeon is not over as your progress is saved. You keep your keys, Gems of Fate, gold and loot and continue in the room your died. Your blessings and curses are lost though. Hit points regenerate automatically over time and you can also refill them by spending mushrooms. For every run refilling 20% hit points costs 10 mushrooms for the first time, 15 mushrooms for the second time and 20 mushrooms for all subsequent times.


Defeat the final boss in room 100 to gain a Legendary Item. Starting your next run is free. Get ready for a new adventure!