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In additon to mouse or touchscreen you can also play the game with your keyboard.

Esc or X button closes active screen or ends your game session in city overview
Spacebar opens guild chat (Esc closes chat again)
C Character, Scrapbook
T Tavern, Arcane Toilet, City Guard (only if active)
Z City Guard to zzzzz...sleep
A Arena
W Weapon Shop, Blacksmith
M Magic Shop, Witch
S Stable, Pets
K Pets, Stable
D Dungeons (Light and Shadow World)
F Fortress, Underworld
U Underworld, Fortress
G Guild
I Mail (inbox)
B Battle messages (Mail)
L Battle messages (Mail), Friends
H Hall of Fame for...heroes, Guilds, Pets, Fortress, Underworld, international heroes, international Guilds
R Dr. Abawuwu

Press a key once to display the first screen or press it multiple times to switch to other screen. For example, H three times to display the Fortress Hall of Fame. Please note that certain screens require a certain level and are only unlocked after reaching it. For example, spamming the K button to visit your little Pets does not work until you actually have Pets.

For the first time Shakes & Fidget Remastered also supports the right mouse button! Right-click an Item to display a context menu and view a list of possible actions:

EN rightclick.jpg

Wait, there's more! After clicking on a player in the Hall of Fame you can use your numpad to...

EN numtab.jpg

1 invite this player to your friend list or remove him/her again
2 invite this player to your Guild
3 lure this player into your Underworld
4 toggle Character/Attributes display
5 compare player to own Character
6 ignore this player
7 display or hide context menu
8 send a message to this player
9 attack him/her in the Arena