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A newly created Level 1 hero doesn't have access to the whole content of Shakes & Fidget yet. Level up to unlock more and more features!

Level Content (where found)
Level 1 A new hero is born!
Level 10 Daily Missions, Scrapbook (Magic Shop), Dungeon 1 (Quests) & sending private messages unlocked
Level 20 Dungeon 2 unlocked (Quests)
Level 25 Fortress unlocked
Level 30 Dungeon 3 unlocked (Quests)
Level 40 Dungeon 4 unlocked (Quests)
Level 50 Magic Mirror (Quests) & Dungeon 5 unlocked (Quests)
Level 66 Witch unlocked
Level 70 Dungeon 6 unlocked (Quests, Magic Shop)
Level 75 Pets unlocked (Quests)
Level 80 Dungeon 7 unlocked (Quests)
Level 85 Holy Grail unlocked (Gem Mine)
Level 90 Blacksmith unlocked (also needs Pets)
Level 95 Dungeon 8 (Quests) & Wheel of Fortune 2.0 (Quests) unlocked
Level 99 Demon's Portal unlocked
Level 100 Arcane Toilet unlocked
Level 110 Dungeon 9 (Quests, Weapon Shop) unlocked
Level 125 Shadow World unlocked (also needs access to Tower)
Level 125 Twister unlocked (also needs access to Tower)
Level 200 Dungeon 15 unlocked
Level 350 Shadow Dungeon 15 unlocked

Tower: clear Dungeons 1-9

Underworld: Gem Mine (Fortress) Level 10+, access to Tower

Key to Dungeon 10: after clearing Dungeons 1-9 Key to Dungeon 11: after clearing Dungeon 10 or clearing the first 10 Twister floors Key to Dungeon 12: after clearing Dungeon 11 Key to Dungeon 13: after clearing Dungeon 12 Key to Dungeon 14: in the Gem Mine of the Fortress if Dungeon 12 is already open Keys to Shadow Dungeons 2-14: after clearing 5+ Floors of the previous Shadow Dungeon (Gem Mine)